About the Journal


Innovation, Regulation, Multi Business Model Innovation and Technology

NB!ICT - Innovation, Regulation, Business - is an international journal promoting debate on ICT developments, Multi Business Model Innovation and Technology and associated Business Model Ecosystems among academics, analysts, professionals and practitioners. The journal is cross-interdisciplinary and focusses on the interrelationships between technology developments in the ICT field and economic, political and social developments. Nb!ict provides a platform for a critical debate on these areas with a focus on the Nordic/ Baltic area, but with an international and Global perspective.

NB!ICT provides an in-depth and holistic view of Multi Business Model and Technology Innovation from practical to theoretical aspects covering topics that are equally valuable for practitioners as well as academia - also those new in the field. The journal covers Multi Business Model and Technology Innovation issues and solutions thereof. As Business has moved towards a world of Multi Business Models, issues in modelling business and business models will be published. The publication takes a holistic, strategical, network based, global and sustainable view to the Multi Business Model Innovation Approach. Some example topics are: Multi Business Model Innovation and Technology in Green Energy, ICT, IOT, Recycling, Health Care Business Model Ecosystem, Multi Business Model Innovation Leadership and Management in Startups and SME´s, Cloud based Multi Business Model Innovation and Technologies, Business Model Eco systems, Open and Closed Business Models, Persuasive and Sensing Business models

NB!ICT publishes open access as a continuous article publication with peer-reviewed academic papers as well as interviews and articles discussing recent developments in the ICT field. Further there will be special issues based on relevant conferences or dealing with important current issues. The target audience of the journal is researchers and decision-makers from academia, industry, organisations and ministries as well as regulators.s.


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